Hollywood Book Review

As a young Vietnamese orphan, Mai Sambath was forced to flee Vietnam at the end of the war. Now as she moves to Chicago, she finds employment as a producer with Catherine Marsh, a well known television journalist. Catherine and Mai become quick friends and Mai even meets the man of her dreams, the advertising photographer, Jack Largent. Catherine soon becomes obsessed with an intriguing story involving an Asian despot. She believes this ruler stole a treasure buried by a legendary ancient queen. Together the three friends travel to Vietnam and pursue the story. The trip has a different meaning for Mai; she seeks to find revenge for the death of her parents. The efforts of both women take the group on an amazing adventure. No one could imagine what would come of their trip.

 Valley of the Queen has all the elements to make this novel an outstanding story. The author weaves history, war, romance, strong character development, treasure hunt, and so much more together in a way which keeps the reader wanting more. From the moment the book begins, readers will find themselves on a roller coaster ride of anticipation and exhilaration as the story progresses. This is not a story that can be predicted and will leave the reader at the edge of their seat anxiously waiting to see what will happen next. 

Author William Diebold gives us something most readers crave, a compelling tale with relatable characters having depth and strong background stories. Each of the characters have something which makes readers want to know more about them, and not just their stories together - but individually. It is very evident that Diebold spent time doing research on this subject before creating this stunning piece of fiction. While there are elements of history in the novel, it doesn’t read like historical fiction or historical re-telling. 

If you are a reader of thrilling tales, action, adventure, treasure hunting, romance, and family history, then this is the book for you. It has so much content to it that makes it a compelling novel. I would honestly recommend it to any book lover regardless of their preferred genre.

Characters to read about again

"An impressive debut novel, this difficult-to-pronounce but equally hard-to-put-down adventure tale delivers a strong cast of unusual characters whose lives intersect in Chicago and take them across the Pacific to Vietnam and Cambodia. Weaving together ancient Southeast Asian legend, American military involvement in Vietnam, and Chicago entrepreneurship in the late eighties, the scope is ambitious and result rewarding. Intelligent female and male leads must trust each other as they pursue a lost treasure and a medieval culture to which their newest friend is the royal heir. Sexy and suspenseful, I can’t wait for the sequel!"  -Dk Mercer

Page Turner

"This was one of the most riveting books that I have read in a very long time. This book was a "page turner" that defied you to put it down. There never seemed to be a break in the action.
I had previously read Mr. Diebold's "Valley of the Queen" and found to be an exceptional book however, I believe that his second book is even better and hope to hear that he is working on a third novel." -W. Largent

Evaluation of "Valley of the Queen"

"I found this to be a very riveting book, actually I believe I termed it as a "page turner". Once I began the book I did not want to put it down. While this is meant to be fiction it is interlaced with many factual occurrences. I spent many months off of the coast of Viet Nam during the "war" and therefore could relate to much of the story. I think that anyone who spent tours in Viet Nam, in country or off shore, would find this a "terrific read". I read many books each year and upon finishing them I donate the books to a worthy charity. This is one book that I will not donate. I have placed it on my shelf for another read. I suspect that I will read it several times over the next few years."  -Bill Largent

A Riveting Mystery

This riveting sequel to Diebold’s debut thriller just calls out for a screenplay – I can’t wait to see it on the big screen! The well-developed characters carry over from Valley of the Queen, and the intrigue deepens as the action returns to an ancient valley in Cambodia with a mysterious secret. Beyond that hidden door – no spoilers! – is a surprise you won’t see coming. But perhaps even more intriguing is the mystical relationship between the sensual Queen Mai and her adoring people.

Mr. Diebold has created a parallel universe that is rooted in the history of Southeast Asia, but that looks back and imagines a prehistory that is not of this world. As the characters travel from Chicago to Europe and back to Cambodia, the tangled threads of conspiracy unravel. I wasn’t able to put it down…

What a Great Story!

"This book had me turning pages eagerly, and only putting it down when I had to. I looked forward to each next chapter. I can heartily say, what a wonderful, fascinating story!" -David Doody

Old Fashioned Excitement.

What a story.....Glamour, Adventure, and old-fashioned excitement from the author's who lived through the Vietnam conflict. Reads like a cross between Ian Fleming and Judith Krantz........Enjoy! Cathee Cohen